Viewnify or my first little open source project

You know how it is to develop stuff that is only seen by a couple of people, right? To create things that are very specific to one company? And you too must have felt the urge to create reusable solutions that can be useful for a lot of customers or developers?

In my daily work I try to make things “reusable” and more often I want this seems hard to achieve. I also try to share knowledge with fellow workers, but all of that very locally.

Viewnify is my first attempt to give something back to a wider community.

From OpenNTF:

“Manage and change the design of all views in a database in one configuration document.

In an ideal world we would create the perfect view when we create a new database, then use this layout as the basis for new views. However, we’re not dealing with a perfect world, we’re dealing with databases that still have the R4 look. Or we inherit the work of a developer with no design skills whatsoever. Or we changed our minds on how the ideal view should look like. Or the company colors change. Or…

Now, in a not so ideal world, wouldn’t it be nice if we can configure the design of the perfect view for a database in a configuration document, then run an agent et voilà, every view in the database looks the same? And tomorrow, another developer arrives, makes views in it that don’t look that way, so we run our agent agent and everything looks fine once again?

This is the purpose of “Viewnify”: manage all design aspects of all views in an unified way by using configuration documents. There may even be created fancy templates that can be distributed in the future.”

You can find Viewnify on the OpenNTF website!

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