PNG support in Lotus Notes or creating see-through outlines

Take a look at these outlines I designed for the Notes Client:

Transparent outline Another transparent outline

Huh? It looks like the outline uses transparency settings to show the background image? Does this mean PNG is supported in the Notes Client? No, of course it doesn’t :-),
I used a trick to achieve this: I made 2 images:

  • The first image is the original background image for the page (the lamp itself, but I won’t put it here because of copyright reasons).
  • The second image is the image I used as a background image in the outline, like this one. This image is smaller than the page background and is made transparent in Fireworks, Photoshop or another graphic tool.

If you fit it together that way, it looks like the outline is transparent, while it uses a different image as a background. The only difficult parts here are the positioning of the outline and the dimensions of the outline background image.

  • To position it correctly, I created a layer and put the outline in the layer. Layers have the advantage of being easy to position by altering the left and top position.
  • To dimension the outline background, measure the outline dimensions first or do it the other way round: first create the background image, then adjust the dimensions of the outline to it.


  1. Very nice trick. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Sorry for the late answer, I was on a holiday. Thank you!


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