Unable to resize table cell width in the Notes Client

A tip, or more like a mental note: were you ever in the following situation? You try to make a table cell smaller, but the value isn’t taken, the cell stays too wide?

If so, check the text margin in those cells, especially the one for the right margin. It might have a fixed value in it that looks like the current cell width (f.e. a right margin of 12cm, the result is a cell that cannot be smaller than 12 cm). If so, change it to 100%. It’s a little “gotcha” that can keep you busy for a while…


  1. Well, good tip. How about when table is fit with margines and then lays wider then magines and windows? and no text margine is set?

  2. Hi Basir,
    I can only guess… I would have to see the design of the form or page for that. If you want to, you can send a test db with the design element in it to martinATbeesign.be


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