Viewnify is getting mature

My OpenNTF project Viewnify is growing up! For those who don’t know it yet: it’s a tool that makes it possible to change the design of all views of a database with one single configuration document. So it can save you a lot of work if you’re in a redesign process.

Viewnify version 0.4

The version number is rather low, I know, but I’m very careful not to give it a 1.0 number too fast, a bit on the safe side :-). But it seems stable and mature to me, it’s the 4th release now.

These are the most important changes since the launch:

  • Better organized and prettier user interface.
  • You can select specific views from the target database you would like to include/exclude in the conversion.
  • Added some useful default profile documents.
  • Added debugmode that exports the DXL to a directory of choice so it is debuggable.
  • Fixed a major bug with special characters like ‘ ” & < > in view data. No DXL errors anymore when these symbols were used.

Here are some screenshots from the current version:

Viewnify main window Viewnify user interface 1 Viewnify user interface 2 Viewnify user interface 3 Viewnify user interface 4

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