Customize twisties in Notes views

The green triangles in Notes views is a typical Notes thing. Nothing wrong with that… especially for history classes. In 2007, we want to customize these.

Take a look at the picture before and after the twisty makeover:

Customized twisties in viewsNormal twisties in views

This is what the notes help says since version 6: “You can customize these icons by importing your own images. You import two images into one graphics file. The first image replaces the “expand” twistie and the second replace the “collapse” twistie. A pair of images for customized twisties should result in a .gif file that is 33 x 16 pixels — that is, two 16 x 16 images, with a 1-pixel divider.”

This is what I say: they’re wrong about the image sizes. I did a lot of experimenting and according to my observations, the image should be 25 x 12 pixels.

So I altered existing plus and minus icons and prepared them for the client. You can download the twisties image here.

After adding it to your image resources, set the Images across property to 2.

Oh, and they work on the web too!


  1. Hi,
    the download of the icons doesn’t seems to be working …

    Keep up the great work on this blog!

  2. Hi Peter,

    I’ve checked by clicking “download the twisties images here” and this opens the twisties image in the browser (see in the left corner of your browser window), then you still have to right-click and save the image. Does this work?

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Thanks for the post…I am getting MADE IT IN when I click on your DOWNLOAD Image link…In progress, huh?

  4. Hm… better now? I made it a zip file.

  5. Ok, I found the problem, there’s a download count that sends out some “echo” before the actual download can happen. I hope not everybody got this issue :-S. Should be fixed now!

  6. i am LN developer interested in tips.

  7. its reaaly nice thing to implement.

  8. My twisties are 11×11 pixels resulting in a 25×11 pixel image file. This works perfectly well, too.

  9. I have a degree in Mathematics (Diplom-Mathematiker), therefore I cannot calculate… ;-)

    … resulting in 23×11 pixel image file…

  10. Hi Thomas,

    You’re right. What I actually meant was, that the image should be <= 25×12 pixels in size. So your size (and all other calculations you did in between ;-)) is ok too!


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