My curriculum

As a freelance developer I’m always looking for new opportunities and new customers, so yesterday I upgraded my curriculum. I had to do an extreme make-over since the previous version was created in a trial version of Adobe Indesign CS3.

This wasn’t a smart move, because I never bought the software :-S. So I had to build it all over from scratch, and this is how it looks like:

Curriculum Vitae Martin Vereecken 1

Curriculum Vitae Martin Vereecken 2

This time I used a tool I actually bought: Pages on my Mac (as part of IWorks ’08) and, although it took me some time to get used to the software, I have to say I’m really impressed about how easy it is to use. I never enjoyed writing in MS Word, even not with Office 2007 versions (or mayb I did back in the days, Word 6.0 for Windows), but Pages makes it feel so easy, you find the options you need where you expect them to be. In Office 2007 the toolbars have changed completelly and they lost me there.

So I’m planning to make this my default word processor and I’m dying to use Numbers and Keywords in the near future. How about you folks? Still Office fans? Open Office? Alternatives?

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