RSS, Ajax search and Ajax stars

I updated the site yesterday evening with some features.

RSS feeds

RSS 3D icon

It might sound obvious that a modern website has an rss feed, but I struggled with it before I got it to work. It’s standard WordPress, so normally it should work out-of-the-box, but it didn’t.

After many hours of trial and error, it seemed that I didn’t install a plugin as intended (And it was just a matter of not reading-the-readme.txt – now I know why they call these files like that ;-)).I won’t annoy you with the details, but let me just tell you that it functions beautifully now!

So, if you don’t want to visit my website, you can follow these feeds:

Ajax search

Ajax search in action

Maybe there isn’t a lot to search yet ;-), but I implemented it anyway: if you start typing in the search field, the results show up immediatelly.

I used the LiveSearch plugin for WordPress and tuned the css a bit to match my site. It still needs a little finetuning, but, hey, it’s ok for now.

Ajax star rating system

Ajax star rating

This was already mentioned before, but you can live rate the articles now, just by hoovering the mouse over the stars below the articles, so I all invite you to do so.

Of course, I really prefer you commenting the articles (even if you rate them low – your feedback is my inspiration), but for those who want to take the time to interact with the site and have some spare seconds, it can be a nice thing to do.

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