Tabbed tables and subforms: how to get away from the border?

Say we have a tabbed table and you want to add some text in one of the content cells. No problem here.

Tabbed table with text as content

Now say we want to add a subform with text in te content cell: troubles! It will look like this:

Tabbed table with text in subform

What happened?

There is a gravitational field active on the left border of the tabbed table! It attracts all text and tables present in the subform.

See how this subform

Subform with margins

… looses its margins once it enters the gravitational field of the tabbed table.

Tabbed table looses margins

Make the text margin wider! Make the table margin a million centimeters (if possible in Notes :-))! Nope, no result, the gravitational field is too powerful.

Now what?

There’s one magic element that can break the spell: an invisible table cell. In your subform table, add an extra column with no borders or colors to create space, like this:

Corrected subform in designer

The smallest possible margin is 0,318 cm (minimum width for a cell), but it looks great in a tabbed table.

Result of corrected subform with invisible table cell

The same trick works for flat text: put your text in a table with 2 columns and invisible borders. The table uses “fit with margins” and the first column is 0,318 cm.

You probably figured this out by yourself, but this can be helpful for newbies.

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