Notes.Net forums just got better!

It’s not that they really changed the forums, but I found a very interesting tool after posting this threat about the lack of user friendliness of the Notes.Net forums.

There’s a Greasemonkey script out there that makes it possible to open replies in the main document of a discussion, without having to move to the responses. Open the screenshot below to see what I mean by that (but you should see it in action to see what’s so great about it).

LDDMonkey in action

It’s made by Julian Robichaux and it’s called LDDMonkey. It’s easy to install and works like a charm: by clicking the [+]-signs in the threat, the responses open within the main document! Also very handy if you’re in the main view: you can click the [+] to see if a particular post interests you.

LDDMonkey working on the Notes.Net view

A little warning though: Firefox only!


  1. There’s one little catch, at least if you use the forums as I do: Because of the silly limitation of threads to watch and dysfunctional email notifications (sic) I usually browse my own posts frequently. Most of the time, this leads me to a post somewhere in the response chain. Because of the missing [+]/[–] sign in front of the currently displayed post, the indention gets a little messed up, making it harder to follow the thread.

    Telling from older screenshots on Julian’s site, the original version of his script added the expand/collapse links in front of the bullet graphics in a way, that all the headlines were shifted to the right, but the current version no longer does it. That’s why I left a suggestion on the project page to insert one more little loop, that adds the missing space in front of the headline of the current topic line as well.

    Public feedback leads me to think, that I’m the only one who’s bothered by this, though. :-)

  2. Hi Fabian!

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I don’t really bother about it either :-) (posts on Notes.Net are shown in the wrong order anyway).

    I still think I need to develop a web solution for the Notes.Net Watchdog, it could demonstrate some neat Ajax trickery in the meantime I suppose…



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