Viewnify IS mature…

… and the reason for this is this tiny button in the application.

New button in Viewnify

Today it is possible to import the design of an existing view (rather than filling out all properties by hand) and then give all views of a database the look of this view.

Follow these suggestions for best results when importing a view:

  • First download Viewnify 1.0 bèta.
  • Make sure the view has 2 categorised columns. This way properties for the main and subcategory are also found and imported.
  • The first 2 categorized columns and the first flat column are investigated for import properties, so make sure these are ok.
  • Make sure you styled some action buttons in your view.
  • If image resources are used in the source view, also copy these resources to your target database.

Because this is a difficult feature to test, I would like your feedback in different import scenarios. If you get errors or see any unusual import behaviour, please let me know by mail or on OpenNTF what went wrong. Appending a dxl debug file, screenshots or the database design can help me simulate the problem.

Oh, and if don’t know yet what Viewnify is, do a search for it on this site.

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