The action bar icons as image resources in a database

UPDATE: this is a reference card showing all the icons.

Icon Library – a Notes database

Remember the 180 action bar icons in 25 categories?

I now imported them in a Notes database as image resources:

Icon library Notes database

The categories are still there in the image resource file name:

Categories in image filenames

This means that it’s even simpler to find a matching icon if you walk through the resources with the properties dialog open (where you see the preview).

You can download the Icon Library database here.

How to use?

  • by doing a copy-paste of the icons you need to your database image resources
  • OR

  • by selecting them directly from the icon library when you need an icon.

Selecting an image resource directly from the Icon Library

The latter method has the advantage of keeping all icon files in a centrally managed location, but it there are 2 gotchas:

  • The obvious one: be sure that the database resides on (a) server(s) reachable by all users. Even local replicas could be needed for remote workers.
  • It’s not working on the web (except if you refer to the image locations with pass-thru html).


  1. Thanks ! Just what you need, the classification into different categories

  2. Hej Martin,

    this is really great,

    I was starting to collect my icons in a db myself but I cannot compete with your amount. The images also look nice on a darker background.

    Thanks for doing the job!

  3. You’re welcome! Although I believe Famfamfam-man is the real hero ;-)



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