IdeaJamming yet?

You know IdeaJam yet? From the site: “So you say you have a great idea on how to improve Lotus software products that you want to share with others? This is the place to post it. Others can then promote, demote and offer feedback about your idea. Popular ideas will bubble to the top.”

And this is exactly what is happening! It’s like a hitparade of Notes/Domino frustrations! Often what I want to see improved most, shows itself on top of the list.

Below every idea, there’s a comments section, where participants post their workarounds, additons, differences in opinion,…

I can physically feel the universal pain on this site and the warmth and willingness to communicate this and present IBM some real world feedback on their products. For free! No marketing study costs! No more “WE know what YOU want”! IBM should be really grateful for this initiative.

And it’s already happening! Here and there I see some comments pop up from IBM people. They explain their vision on the idea, and sometimes why an idea is impossible or hard to implement. Helps next time you run into a Notes restriction if you understand why it is what it is.

I also admire the application itself. Finally a real Web 2.0 application developed in Domino is showing itself on the Internet! I see tons of uses for this application in company life and product development, so I’m curious about the pricetag…

They also developed some kind of embed-in-webpage script to show your ideas in a blog. This is one of mine:

The only thing I miss here is a way to vote directly from within this page, without having to go to the site itself. Maybe a good idea to post on IdeaJam :-)

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