Action bar icons reference card

Remember the action bar icons I selected? I first packed them as a zipfile, then I created an icon library database , and to make things even more simple for you, here’s a reference card of all the icons. There’s no reason left now not to use them ;-).

And here’s a link to open the image file in a separate window.

Action bar icons for Lotus Notes reference card


  1. I can’t tell you how inspirational your work is to me!
    I’m a developer-turned-sysadmin, currently writing a Notes app for internal use and all your suggestions on how to make it look beatiful and more useful are invaluable.

  2. Allessandro, thank you for that, it’s a pleasure reading comments like this, makes me feel good! :-)

  3. Hi Martin,
    I am really impressed by the look of your website. It has such a comfy look about it and makes me want to visit it often. Also I am happy about the fact that you have published a Action bar reference. Just goes to show the extent you go to share the goodies.
    Thanks a lot and pls keep up the beautiful work.

  4. Hi Farooq,
    Thanks a lot, sweet things you said here. These are the kind of posts that keep me doing this!

  5. This is what I was looking for! One of the few sites with this kind of stuff! Very good! Thanks a bunch!!!!!


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