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No honey, only work-in-progress and garbage

I have been silent for a couple of days now, because I’m in the middle of some changes/problems that make it a bit difficult to spend a lot of time on blogging. Just to let you know what’s going on:

  • I threw Parallels from my Mac this weekend, in favor of VMWare Fusion. I read some awesome reviews, especially on the performance side of things. My first tests show that, indeed, everything seems to run much smoother in Fusion. For those who don’t know what this is: the 2 programs create a virtual Windows XP or Vista experience in OS X. Almost as good (or bad ;-)) as the real thing!
  • Consequence: I have to reinstall all Windows software, including my Notes environments. Bummer for my experimenting.
  • I did some DXL programming with LotusScript libraries, but ran into some strange bugs I couldn’t find any workaround for (yet). Hell, I don’t even know what they are!
  • Still some good ideas waiting to be explored, but I will need a lot of hours for that.
  • I’m also working on sisterside beesign.be – I want to blog more about work, life and, well, some humor. I’d like to make Bizzybee a pure technical blog, and Beesign will be for the rest.

Apart from that, there’s a pile of troubles begging for a solution:

  • An external drive that won’t mount anymore. With important data. Obviously.
  • A wireless printer router that I couldn’t get to work yet. At some point I gave it an faulty IP-address and since then I cannot access it anymore. No reset button on the box either. Great :-).
  • A Mac Mini with an usb wireless network adapter that won’t work in Leopard.
  • An usb hub on the Mini that doesn’t “hub”:- everything I connect via the hub doesn’t get recognized.
  • An Apple TV that looses its wireless connection. I had to set it back to the factory settings, now my music collection didn’t get synchronized yet.

I once had a dream about wireless printing from the seat, multimedia coming from everywhere, easy one-button stuff,… but there’s always a l-i-t-t-l-e more that needs to be done to reach this noble goal. Don’t we just love the never ending story of trying to make things just work? This bee is feeling very tired ;-).


  1. re: your Parallels migration to VMWare, there is a tool available from VMWare to convert your Parallels partition. Then you don’t have to reinstall your application. It worked great for me.

  2. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the suggestion! I know that, but for me it was also the time to do a clean Windows reinstall: I didn’t configure firewall, antivirus,… when I installled Parallels, and since then there’s a virus and some spyware I can’t remove, but I get the warnings every minute or so, very annoying.
    (One of the many reasons why I switched to Mac ;-))
    Happy with your VMWare? I am, only one lasting problem: when I switch on dual processor in my preferences, I get bluescreens in my XP startup (I guess I should have switched this on BEFORE installing XP).
    I’m using computers for many years now, I sometimes wonder how a “new-bee” gets those things to work (but I guess he’s comfortable with all the defaults and doesn’t start tweaking stuff).

  3. Hey Martin,
    I hope all your mac troubles are resolved by now – well, I am sure there are always things to improve :). I am still in the process of getting comfortable with my new MacBook. I installed VMware fusion 1.1.1, problem I am facing is that it disables my bluetooth when I run it. There is no little usb icon for bluetooth in the VMware frame neither there is any option to enable it in the settings. It is annoying because I am getting my internet from bluetooth. Any idea?

  4. Hi Martin, I was able to solve the problem by installing bootcamp drivers, so no worries – thanks…


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