Take the honey and run

Honey Pot

Or Show me the honey, or It’s all about the honey… I could go on for hours like this, only to tell you that the honey is ready to be harvested! In plain english: I created a page where the most important downloads of the site are gathered, Da Honey Pot, in the top navigation.

You can download the honey (files) there immediately, but I suggest you also read the articles mentioned next to them, otherwise you don’t know what to do with it.

I threw the page online, minutes before I leave my home for 2 days to go to Rotterdam, where I will spend my New Year’s Evening. So, enjoy, and have some fun during the change of the years!


  1. hej! I am glad nothing seriously bad has happened in Rotterdam (terrorist attack) so we can continue enjoying your contributions to the Notes community!

    Kind regards from 040 (Eindhoven) area…

  2. Thanks! Well, I have to say, I was surprised to hear a terrorist attack was prevented while I was there… you never know, I don’t know what they aimed at, but we were in the crowded shopping areas, so… Great city though!


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