Viewnify 1.1 – One view profile to rule them all!

Some days we experience flow and we end in Programming Nirvana. On (most?) other days we feel Programmer’s Hell. I’m not talking about things that you can’t fix, but about those administrative click-clack-click-clack (repeat 100 times) days.

Here’s where Viewnify comes to the rescue!

Some new scenarios it can handle:

  • Imagine yourself opening all 47 views of a database to adjust the column width for “Department”, so that it fits the data. You click yourself a swollen arm. This version can set the column width for columns in all views with a specific title! Look in the Special tab for it.
    Column width setting for specific columns
  • Your collegue programmer who is less blessed with talent sometimes set resizable property for columns, and sometimes doesn’t. Some mouseclicks later you set them all resizable with this fresh Viewnify.
    Resizable columns everywhere
  • Hm there was a bug that could reorder action buttons in the view. An extra feature you didn’t want I guess… Fixed!
  • I also prevent viewnification in version 7.0 to 7.0.2, because this can trash your selection formulas (also see yesterday’s post).
  • Notes 8 Logo
    And I did some Notes 8 tests! Seems to role!


  1. Thanks for the fixes :)

  2. No problem! Without people like you who do the effort to report (detailed) information on bugs, Viewnify wouldn’t grow at all…

  3. Hi,

    I’m usin Viewnify in an app.. For some reason, there was an image name in the actionbar imagename field, and.. opps.. It looks awful.. I resolved it just using space instead of nothing in this field

  4. It’s not exactly clear to me: the image name was there before or after you ran Viewnify? Define “awful”? What happened?

  5. hi, i tried to use viewnify 1.1. i’ve noticed that on Column Properties, the font i want to use is arial but when i viewnify it and check on the designer its always default sans-serif.

    is this a bug?

  6. Hi Glenn, are you willing to send the design of your db to my mailaddress? I can take a closer look then –


  7. Hello,

    I am currently testing your Viewnify database to see how useful and powerful it is. I have noticed one issue: Setting a column width does not seem to work. I looked through your code and it came down to the following:

    In the “CreateList()” sub of your agent, the following lines always defaults to False because item.Values(0) is always empty:

    If item.Values(0)”” Then

    Is there any reason why item.Values(0) is always empty that I should know about?

    Thanks a lot for the help,


  8. Hi Bara,
    I tested the feature again and it seems to work well on my 8.01 client, so I wonder if you’re sure you’re using it as intended.
    On the tab “Special” there’s a field “Column Title” and “Column Width”. These are multivalue fields, so the first column title corresponds with the first columnwidth and so on. If this is as it should be and it still doesn’t work, you can send a screenshot and copy of the design of your db to me:

  9. Hi Martin,

    I’m using your tool, and have been having a problem shared view columns.

    After using the debug code and looking at before and after DXL, I’ve determined that the programmatic name for a computed column (ex: $13), is changed when the view is exported.

    For example, the shared column design element uses itemname=’$115′, and the shared column reference in the view is itemname=’$120′. When the view is exported, the shared column reference in the view is changed to itemname=’$115′. This causes my views to display the wrong columns. (Note: in my view, I’m using two shared columns.)

    It seems like the DXL importer isn’t retaining the programmatic name in the view, and is instead retrieving the programmatic name in the shared column definition.

    I’m using Notes 7.0.3. Have you experienced this behavior?

  10. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for pointing this out. I didn’t test yet, but you give the impression it’s more like a bug in Domino DXL itself, right?


  11. Hi Martin,

    I have started using viewnify and it seems to be doing its job. Do you know if it is possible to change the Twistie that appears for categorised views to another image or is this part a manual process

  12. Goedemorgen Martin,
    I stumbled across you tool today and really like the concept – however it doesn’t seem to be working with R8.5
    Any chance you have a look into it and make it work again?

    Error is e.g.
    error source=NotesInputSource line=18 column=842
    “Element ‘font’ is not valid for contant model: ‘”font?,columnheader …”

    • Hoi Markus,
      DXL changed during the different verslons; I may dive into it one day… but don’t expect this to happen real soon ;-)


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