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A Notes Mail Database Size Indicator

Wouldn’t it be cool to have this in your mailbox?

Mail Database Size Indicator screenshot.

Our local admin asked me if this is doable, and I thought it was a brillant idea and a very practical example on how to use this tip: A progress bar in Lotus Notes

It’s an indicator that, eh, indicates how much space you’ve used from your mail database size quotum.

It conditionally displays an image of the total and used space:

  • A green bar for used space less than 80%
    Green bar indicator example
  • A red bar for 80-100% (and up)
    Red bar indicator example
  • No bar if no quotum exists (you lucky bastard :-)).
    No bar example - no quotum

How to implement?

From a designer’s perspective, you need to know if you want it for yourself only (and prohibit design refresh) or for the whole company (do the adjustments in the mailfile template). Obviously, you should first test in your own mailfile.

These are the implementation steps:

  1. Copy form DbSize from the Mail Database Size Indicator Demo database (what a name :-)) and paste it in your mailbox template.
  2. (At least for version 6.5 of Notes) Change frameset MailFS Left by adding an extra frame with height=40px (width=relative 1).
  3. If you want to use other colors, styles or criteria, change the form and the PostOpen script, this is just an example usage.

Play around with it and let me know if you have ideas to expand this…


  1. Martin,

    Good stuff! I will be demoing Viewnify inone of my Lotusphere 2008 sessions btw. Ping me offline :-)

  2. Thanks Bizzy Bee, that’s a fantastic tip! Richard

  3. this will be part of the offical 801 mail template

  4. Actually this will be a Notes 8.0.1 feature but only if you have a mail size quota. There will be a UI to show how you are doing against your quota

  5. @Bruce, Richard, Vitor: thanks!
    @John, Mike: I looked it up and you’re right: it’s shown overhere: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/marybeth?tag=8.01
    I should spend more time looking around on the web before creating stuff :-). Nevertheless, 8.01 is not here yet, and not everybody can upgrade to the latest version, so there’s still room for this. But thank you for letting me know!

  6. Great, thanks, but there is a little problem: on my databases, if no quotum exists, it says: 0MB, can you tell me why?

  7. it seems to be a little bug in the postopen-script. Line 11 sets the field doc.sizedesription if no quota exists:
    but this shows only “0MB”. It has to be:

  8. Hi Glod,
    Thanks for letting me know! Actually, the variable “Size” is used before it was calculated in the script. I changed this, and updated the zipfile!

  9. Hello again. I tried to download the actual Demo-Database but I got a “forbidden”-error. I think you have to check the Access-Rights of the Zip-File ;-)

  10. Glod, should be better now! I think I may have zipped the file while my Notes was open :-S

  11. Woohoo, very nice thing! Thank you for that!

  12. Thanks Jokeman, I hope you weren’t joking when you wrote this ;-)

  13. I think this is pretty cool. Does anyone have a template that this is already applied in? I am having a tough time getting this to work. If I could see it I might have better luck.


  14. Erv,

    I sent you a copy of my mailbox design, that should give you an idea…

  15. I like this, however in my tests it only updates when you open the database (I know, it’s a PostOpen…). Is there another method that might provide a more realtime update ala 8.0.1?

  16. As per this page:

    The Mail Quota will not display if the mail database is not based on the Notes 8.0.1 mail8.ntf version, even if the end user is running Notes 8.0.1 as their client.

    I’m using the 8.0.1 client but can’t use the built in feature because of the above reason. Martin, I’d really appreciate if you could help me locate the template file and then edit it. I am relatively new to Lotus Notes so don’t know anything about it.


  17. Thank you , It’s very cool.

  18. Nice!. It would also be a great extra to have quota info about your maildatabase when you are working on local.



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