General Pizza Error on my way to LotuSphere 2008

The plan was to be totally fit before going to LotuSphere, but a customer gave his New Year’s party yesterday evening. The second best plan was to stay there until 23h00 and to have at least one night some decent sleep. I ended in bed at 2h30 instead, had to be up at 6h30 for my plane, so this was a bad start :-).

Funny story from the check-in: the hostess talked in dutch to me, then suddenly she started to talk in english. I listened, when suddenly she excused herself and switched to dutch again. Apparently with all these passengers they have to switch so often, that she sometimes forget what language she was in. She should use session cookies.

On the plane there I prooved a MacBook Pro isn’t a huge laptop, I could even use it on my spot (50cmx50cm). Really, for transatlantic flights those are tiny seats! First they let you pass business seats, and then you have to move to the miniseats. Very cruel. You could kill your neighbour just by trying to open your jacket.

And there was pizza for dinner! I tried to eat it with knife and fork, but there were some obstacles:

  • The knife and fork are very terrorist proof, meaning that you can’t cut in something harder than yoghourt.
  • The pizza was in a very small box, making it impossible to move around in it with knife and fork.
  • The pizza sticked to the bottom of the box, making it even more impossible to be cut.

Emergency plan: grab the pizza with the hand!

Oh, and, as always, security check in the airport is very professional. Makes me feel like I am a criminal just because I enter the country. I folded my green card in 2, and this seemed to piss of the Greencard Checker Man Who Takes (Both) Fingerprints, Picture And DNA Sample. He’s great at yelling “Next!” in an angry way, scaring both guilty and innocent kind of people.



  1. >> Emergency plan: grab the pizza with the hand!

    Isn’t this the right way to eat pizza ??
    Never heard of someone else before who tried to eat “flat food” with fork and knife.

  2. Everbody tried to use knife and fork at that time :-)


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