Expe(riment-a-lot)ditor and geeks

Wow. The word Expeditor is the second most heard word after geek overhere. In Europe there are no geeks. We don’t use the word. We know what nerds are, but there is no flattering equivalent for a more trendy nerd. Overhere everybody is a geek and proud to be. In Europe the word for it is: “I’m doing a lot of computerstuff, I’m interested in technology, but also have a life besides it”. Which is pretty much the same I guess :-)

Also, sometimes I feel I’m not geek enough for this place: I don’t wear IBM t-shirts and gadgets. I only use the backpack they gave me, because it’s a good one and my 17″ laptop even fits in (ok, that last one must make me a geek again :-))

Yesterday I ran out of a mashup session. Today I was in an overflow session about Expeditor for LotusScripters. I did, because I am confused as a simple Notes Developer. I came out even more confused. First thing: it’s like we’re in some in between stage, where it’s not clear yet what to do with all these new tools. Other thing: there’s so much little steps you have to take. Where’s the RAD in this? Perhpas it’s just too soon to start working in it. I don’t have that much time to spend to figure it all out, and test, and try.

Ok, have to go now, I’m in a more practical session from Rocky Oliver.


  1. “Where’s the RAD in this”. Great point and I wonder if this is being lost on IBM. Notes is where it is today largely because it is both quick and easy to get something running. We have all these great new collaborative tools but it is often neither quick nor easy to integrate into a Notes application space. I am willing to bet the technologies that do take off will be the ones that are integrated completely into Notes. e.g. If you want Lotus Connections to really take off make profiles also work from the NAB and let LotusScript access activities etc.

  2. Actually, I lost my believe a little, but this afternoon I saw the session about Web development in release 8/8.5 with Martin Donnelly and Rocky Oliver: XPages looked like something I want to play with as soon as possible! It’s like the properties dialogbox on steroids! Drag-drop-click-clack stuff! Brillant!

  3. Martin, it was nice meeting you today and talking with you. :-)

    Designer 8.5 is simply amazing. It has really rekindled my interest in doing Notes development. XPages looks simple enough that even *I* can use it, but it’s even better than I had hoped so I’m excited to give it a whirl, too.

  4. Nice meeting you too, Mr. CodePoet :-)
    It’s 5 o’clock in the morning, for christ’s sake. Jetlag and free beer do strange things with my body. I have a headache. I should probably go into bed again.


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