The Hulk – the fastest way to become a composite application yourself

Today was theme park night. The biggest one to try out was The Hulk: it made a mashup out of me in less than 5 minutes! I was in doubt for a long time whether or not I would do that one. Yesterday’s hangover was still a bit in charge (I was like bleeding yellow through my mouth), in the evening I drank 2 beers with a couple of nachos. At the theme park a hamburger and fries wanted to become a part of me, resulting in a certain upside down feeling without being it yet.

I decided to start with the softies: Jurrasic Park (nice splash in it, but a dangerous situation, there seemed to have escaped a T-Rex, I cannot understand how a park of this size let that happen), then I did the Spiderman Ride (lots of dimensions, 3 in total; I liked the falling effect). Already Spiderman bumped me in the stomach. Then there was the Death Fall: I’m not that fond of heights, but I always force myself to do such things. This one was a bit of a disappointment: started really wild, then got softer and… that’s it. I thought the best was yet to come. Ok, now I was all warmed up for The Hulk. I interrogated some people that came out, saw lots of happy faces and no traces of yellow bleeding, so I decided to give it a shot. It was an amazingly good ride, I couldn’t stop laughing (t.i. until after the rid, when my body started to remember things like hamburger/wine/beer/fries)

Other nice thing: they gave away a Mini to one of 25 people that were selected, because they were wearing a flashy badge. I wanted to see it, especially for the wave of joy and happiness that the winner would experience. Eh… he merely smiled. To me he looked like “Oh no, another car. Where will I put it? What do I have to do with that stupid little car?” Or maybe he thought it was actualy a mini (small) car… Never saw somebody winning something of that value and lacking so much enthousiasm. I heard somebody saying “People like this don’t deserve to win!” I don’t know, I don’t think you deserve this by being happy. Strange quote there, but I think I know what she meant by that.

Oh, and I liked the super heroes walking around: the Giant Robot Wired Space species looked like a composite application too (with a lot of plugins), but they did some crazy things, like hanging upside down with their heads just above the ground, while standing on stilts (see picture)

Can you tell what part is what?

Here’s a picture of 2 people who love working for the web, I hope the stuff I produce is as sticky as his (not in a dirty meaning). My son will love this picture.

2 guys working for the web


  1. Hey Martin,
    who’s that guy in red next to you ?

  2. I have no idea, but he insisted on being with me on the picture :-)


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