Leopard 10.5.2 made my wireless router useless

A couple of days ago I did an OS X software update. After the reboot, my wireless network (with a D-Link router) was found, but I couldn’t connect any more to the Worldwide Pool Of Wisdom (WWpoW). As I started to search the web (using a Windows XP laptop from my customer – oh irony), I discovered there where a lot of users with the same issues. There’s also an article on this.

The funny (or better frustrating) part was: some of the comments on the forum answered to the issue posts by saying that it was the routers’ mistake, that the firmware wasn’t strict enough to support it (while Apple programs it very strict). They doubted that this could be Apple’s mistake, even accused the users of doing something wrong. Until some of them even reported issues with Apple’s own Airport Extreme. Duh.

I started to look for workarounds and solutions (one of them suggests putting back an old driver file by getting it out of Time Machine), but decided to buy an Airport Extreme instead. That way I hoped to spend the rest of the weekend in a relaxed way (knowing that there was the risk of this configuration not working as well).

Basically, I got screwed by Apple and I punished them where it really hurts by… buying additional stuff from them. This doesn’t really make sense of course, please don’t follow my example :-).

But I have to admit: the Extreme performs much better than the previous router and has a better range. With the old one connections dropped from time to time, now this runs smoooooth. Still an issue though: there’s a USB port on the router and I’m trying to use it to connect my Time Machine external disk, but this doesn’t work yet, the disk doesn’t show up (and it used to work when it was connected directly to my Mac). Aaaarch…. there’s always 90% ok, 10% to solve…


  1. Martin, I have an Airport Extreme for half a year now, and extremely (no pun intended) happy with it. Just don’t try to add a hard disk to it. I gave up. It works sometimes, but with very slow performance. I bought a small NAS instead. Time machine works only with the new ‘Time Capsule': an Airport Extreme with build-in HD.

  2. 10.5.2 is running perfectly well around here. I’ve got a D-Link WRT54G with current firmware…

  3. @Theo: yeah it seems a decent piece of equipment. A pitty about the harddisk troubles then. Makes me wonder if I shouldn’t have bought the Time Capsule version :-(
    @Turtle: I updated the firmware too, didn’t help. It’s a DIR-635 from D-Link…

  4. I ha the same problems with my DI-524. Firmware upgrade to the most current version did’nt help. DLINK replaced the router and now everythng is working fine and VERY fast.

  5. Wow… nice thing D-Link did. Taking responsibility for something on the edge of 2 manufacturors. They could easily have blamed Apple for this! Way to go D-Link!


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