Input validation for the web made easy with Adobe’s Spry javascript framework for Ajax – part 2

In the first part of this article I talked about why you should consider the Spry framework as a valid alternative for input validation in the browser. Now I’ll demonstrate how it works in Dreamweaver and in the next article, how to transfer the validation to Domino Designer (I decided to split up the article in different parts for the Dreamweaver side and for the Domino Designer side).

Adding the input validation to a form in Dreamweaver CS3

Spry demo

I invite you to start the beetorial to the left. In less than 5 minutes it shows you how to add input validation to a form in Dreamweaver CS3 (although it took more than 5 hours to build it :-)). I recommend running it in full screen (press <F11> in most browsers).

It’s not only intended for Notes developers, but is also useful for anybody that wants to learn about input validation in Dreamweaver CS3.

In the beemo I start with a form I already prepared (it’s loosely based on a form I found in The Art & Science Of CSS, a very inspiring Sitepoint book about practical and visually stunning CSS techniques.

I add validation to fields for name, email, date and checkboxes and I show how it looks like in the browser.

Bare in mind that the validation messages look a bit boring at the moment, but in a future part I will demonstrate how easy it is to create validation eyecandy.


  1. Hi Matin, I get the “Forbidden” message when I click the demo. It says I don’t have permission to view it.
    Btw, I like your splitting into sections, I never find the will in myself to read long articles.

  2. Thank you for warning me, guys. Sorry, I didn’t check the link after uploading the files. The permissions were wrong… It’s fixed now!

  3. I Liked the post, especially the movie format. I’m Looking forward to the next one.

  4. Nice one, didn’t know you could easily integrate these frameworks into dreamweaver cool. Greetings!

  5. Hey Martin, I’ve been trying to implement this in my Notes form. It works fine however it only triggers when “onSubmit” is triggered by a genuine submit type input tag. How do I make it to trigger when the form is saved with FileSave @command?

  6. Hi Martin,
    I am waiting for the promised Part 3 “how to transfer the validation to Domino Designer”.. When are you going to write about that..?

    BTW you dont seem to be actively posting these days..

  7. Hi Farooq,

    You’re right, I should keep my promise and try to finish this series. To be honest, it’s been bothering me as well that I didn’t finish it yet… Next article I will try to do so.

    You’re also right about the posting frequency, it’s been busy and challenging on other parts of my life the last months. But, I’m also working on new stuff, I still have some good ideas in my sleeve ;-). Thank you for reminding me.



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