Notes Mail Database Size Indicator for Notes 8 Basic

After creating a Notes Mail Database Size Indicator – graphic version, a version for Notes 8 Standard was introduced on Conxsys Blog.

This is a nice peace of work. The only thing I wondered: why would I need it, if you have a mail indicator as a standard feature on the Notes server? Some weeks later I found an answer on this question myself: with my client, they installed Notes 8 Basic (unfortunately not my decision) while keeping the Notes 6.5 server as running platform (unfortunately not my decision).

But they wanted to implement my indicator in the version 8 template of the mailfile. So I guess this is a nice addition to the Notes 8 Standard mail indicator. I also added a timer function that refreshes the indicator form every 15 minutes.

Here’s a screenshot:

Mail Database Size Indicator in Notes 8 Basic

How to implement?

For version 8 mored design elements are influenced by the indicator addition.

  1. Download the modified Notes 8 Mail Template.
  2. Copy all design elements that have prohibit design refresh/replace checked to the mail 8 template (but it’s better to try it out on your own maildatabase first):
    • Replace framesets CalFS Left2 – Closed, CalFS Left3 – Closed, CalFS Left3 – Open, MailFS Left2 – Closed, MailFS Left 3 – Closed, MailFS Left3 – Open and page Switcher MV Page for Mail – Spacer
    • Add form FileSize and shared resources – images mailsize/…

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