How to show which “cells” can be changed in an editable view

Did you ever play with the InViewEdit event? Do you also believe it’s a bit of a dangourous feature? Users that accidentally change documents because they click an editable cell? I know, there are ways to prevent this from happening in code, but a good indication of what cells can be edited (and thus “be careful when you click those”), could help. Also, this helps the user in viewing what cells can be edited from within the view.

In the example below, can you tell what cells are editable?

Editable cells in editable view

It’s obvious! And it’s easy to achieve: I just played with color columns: to the left of the editable column: color value 225:225:225:0:0:0 (light gray background) and to the right of the editable column: 255:255:255:0:0:0 (reset to white background)

In this example, I also played with a status change system that was based on the star rating article of Chris Blatnick:

Change the status of projects on view level

When you click the project status icon, it changes to the next level. Normally, this changes from none to red to yellow to green, so you only have to click once in most cases.

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  1. Hi Martin. I love the status change system you set up, but I can’t figure out how to do it from the star rating article by Chris Blatnik. I’m just learning about editable views so I’m a little green. Would you mind giving more details on it? Thanks!


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