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Is there such thing as a Notes Agent Monitor?

Today I have a question for the community. Actually, the question came from my boss with my current customer. As always, the simplest questions seem the hardest to resolve :-). The problem is: there are a number of agents that should run on a daily basis, but every now and then, it happens that something goes wrong (f.e. a design update with an id with insufficient rights) and the agent don’t run.

Of course it is possible to do some agent logging, send mails if an agent ran or gave errors, but is it possible to do the opposite? Receiving messages when an agent DIDN’T run? Are there any agent monitor tools or techniques? Or am I missing something very obvious here? Any ideas?


  1. Our company Teamstudio has been running for a long time and are always keeping a finger on the pulse with the latest market requirements. We are working on this very problem you mention above and are in testing for something called Agent Registry. You may or may not know a person called ROCKY OLIVER. Please google him and go to his blog, there you can ask him direct about this product. Hope this helps ;-)

  2. Hi Martin

    I think it might be worth us having a quick conversation. ;)


  3. We use GSX Monitor to do agent monitoring. I believe DDM also has the ability to do this.

  4. Martin,
    There is a nice all-purpose utility called PowerTools from Help Software http://www.helpsoft.com

    Not sure if it has notification, but would be good for problem diagnosis.

  5. Martin, is this for customer I think it is?
    All the tools you need are built in Notes/Domino, no need to get any external help or tools.
    Shoot me an email.

  6. Martin,
    You want EAM, Essential Agent Manager which does everything you are looking for and is from rprwyatt.
    GSX does not actively monitor agents nor fix them automatically.
    Contact me for more or rprwyatt.com.

  7. Why would you not just use DDM to monitor for agent manager messages? When an agent doesn’t run due to permissions, doesn’t that echo to the log?

  8. There is an OpenNTF project which I made called Database Alert which will let you specify an agent and after any number of minutes you will get an Email alert if the agent has not run.


  9. Hi all,

    Thank you very much for all suggestions, I really appreciate this. In a separate post I’ll tell more about the final choice we made in this.


  10. Teamstudio is about to release our solution in this area, and it is called Agent Registry. It does everything you want, plus more. We can also monitor and report on agents running in REAL TIME, we can give you a great overall view of what agents are running when on every server, we can help you quickly find “bad” and “rogue” agents, and so much more.

    If you’re interested, shoot me an email (rock AT teamstudio DOT com).

    Best regards,


  11. You can look at log.nsf and search for Miscellaneous Events documents.
    then look in “Eventlist” field for
    stuf like:
    09/07/2008 21:28:39 Error in Agent ‘replicaCheck’ calling script library ‘DXNotesContentProcessing': Script library signer ‘CN=Test1/O=NotesNinjas’ does not have proper rights

    There are a few free templates out there, or just build one yourself, or get me to for a small fee.

  12. @13 – Since Event Monitoring and DDM can be configured to look for strings, you can monitor for “Error in Agent” and take action based on that. There’s tons of workflow built in to all those tools.

  13. Yes there is indeed such a tool! Co-incidentally it is called ‘Agent Monitor for Lotus Domino’.

    The Agent Monitor for Lotus Domino provides you with a centralised monitoring and management tool for agents on your Domino servers. It scans and monitors agents in the databases you specify on nominated servers and builds up reports of the agents that were found – this also includes private agents which are normally hidden.

    You can easily view agent schedules, who created / signed agents and what the agents are doing. You can also change agent schedules, disable agents, remove agents, and more.

    The Agent Monitor also reports on orphaned agent data notes and can clean them up for you.

    Reports include how long agents take to run, which agents had errors when they last ran, and which scheduled agents missed their scheduled run time. You can also setup notifications for these.

    For more information visit the product information page at:



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