Notes Agent Monitor round-up

My last post was about how to monitor if agents didn’t run for any reason (not only because they weren’t signed well).

There were some restrictions though:

  • Currently we are running on Domino 6.5.
  • I prefer a free solution
  • It needs to be simple and do this specific task.

My choice

After checking out the feedback I got, and doing some tests with the open source solutions, I preferred Database Alert from Thomas Adrian. Thanks Thomas, for developing this neat solution!

It is a very simple and clean application that gives you some alert possibilities for databases.

Database Alert

The one I need is:

Agent Alert

You can set the agent you want to watch, the warning trigger (for how long didn’t it run before you have to panic?), the warning interval (send mails every day) and who you want to warn (preferably somebody else ;-))

The Others

  • Agent Registry from Teamstudio: apparently a new baby from Teamstudio, ready to be born. I like Teamstudio’s products (we use them a lot with our current customer), but since I know the products are (relatively) expensive, I didn’t try it.
  • Agent Monitor (DAF) from Joerg Reck on OpenNTF: I tried this one, but I didn’t manage to get it running. I know… I assume I didn’t give it enough time, I’m a bit of an impatient being :-).
  • GSX Monitor from GSX: I didn’t try this one either, but it doesn’t seem to do the required monitoring. Also (my opinion), to me the interface looked a bit busy. But then again, I’m not an administrator ;-).
  • DDM, a standard Domino feature. Unfortunately new since version 7.
  • PowerTools from Help Software: sorry, no agent monitor there, but a nice bundle of little handy tools, so it looks.
  • Essential Agent Master from RPR Wyatt: this one seems the closest to what I needed, but… they charge money (nothing wrong with that, but I found a free thingy, remember?). However, I hope to test it one day…
  • AgentEZ from Ytria: it doesn’t monitor what I want, but it gives me a clean look on my agents and a lot more possibilities than Notes Designer. I can sign a group of agents all at once, see logs, set properties “en masse” etc. I like that! As always, prevention is the best way of dealing with problems (that way you may not even need monitoring) and this one helps here.


  1. I like this one too. I only use it to monitor changes to my names.nsf (to many captains on the ship) but it works like a charm.

  2. Thanks for the update and findings.


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