Notes 8 Toolbar Buttons: oh no, they’re everywhere!

Did anybody else notice this? Everytime I restart Notes Standard Edition, the buttons in the toolbar have moved. And not only just moved, they do it in a way they take up as much space as possible. Then I clean up, rearrange, and next time: tada, back to messy!

It’s like cleaning up the toys of your child, turning your back, look again and… welcome back, toys! That’s probably what Lotus meant with Lotus Domino Everyplace ;-).

Today I had this: double text properties!

Double toolbar buttons in R8 client

It’s like the little gnomes that do the icon arrangements were thinking: “You can never have enough text markup!”.


  1. Hi,
    We are trying to fix this. Certainly this is not the experience we designed. Have you installed the Notes 8.5 beta 2? did it get any better? (To be honest, in my daily build today I found an issue of the Symphony toolbar showing up when I had my mail file open… so we’re still fixing bugs.

  2. I see this ALL THE TIME… especially in Designer… the tool bars just move around by themselves… sometimes they’re next to each other forcing larger ones to not display everything until they are manually resized…

    I just upgraded to 8.0.2 hoping this might be fixed… alas – no luck….

  3. I have the same problem with Notes 8. I have 8.0.2 and 8.5b2 and they all are the same. The other problem is you can move them around and set them how you want and the next time you come back in to Notes they are all messed up again. It drives me nuts.

  4. I have the same problem !! With the Spanish Notes client you can enjoy yourself! You have a lot of icons twice or three times. One icon in Spanish and the same icon in English. I hope IBM to fix up this ugly issue with all languages (NOT only English). This is THE REASON why I have not upgraded any Notes 7 station or server to Notes 8 version. Will be fixed in 8.5? This is how IBM moves custorems to Microsoft !! I can’t understand. Is any IBM stuff testing their products before releasing gold versions? So, 8.0.2 has the same bugs. Stay for 8.5 and good luck.

  5. @Mary, I didn’t test 8.5b2 yet, but according to David it has the same issues. I guess micro-explosions in Eclipse cause this ;-).
    @David, I also have the issue where the toolbars shrink and hide the other icons.
    @Albert, it’s annoying indeed and it doesn’t stop me from using Notes 8 or it doesn’t move me to Microsoft (I need more than that ;-)).

  6. Yep, I’ve seen this ever since the 8.0 betas, and in every R8 release since including both 8.5 betas. It’s a huge problem and is one of the reasons I can’t recommend deploying 8.x Standard. 8.x Basic doesn’t have this issue.

    It’s more than a little annoying that I have mentioned this to various people at Lotus and the standard response I have gotten is that IBM has deployed this to 140,000+ people and nobody has ever seen this before. The forums are littered with this kind of thing, and I’ve seen it consistently and so has everyone I know, so I find it highly suspicious that it was never reported by anyone at IBM.

  7. Hi Charles,

    So it’s a good thing that Mary responded to this… Maybe she can push it higher in the list…

  8. I have the same problem. Sometimes I get extra icons and sometimes they are all missing or out of place.

  9. Oh actually it only happens on my Windows XP machine. My iMac with Lotus Notes 8.5 B1 doesn’t do this. Weird

  10. Great! Everybody should switch to Mac! Steve J. will love this! ;-).

  11. @10 – …or Linux; this doesn’t happen on my Eee either, happens all the time on my XP machine, and it’s one of my pet peeves with Notes 8.

  12. Happens to me too.. It’s really bad when you access a link on a page that fires off a browser session within the client

  13. IBM Lotus NOtes 8.
    I have a problem with the toolsbars in Lotus Notes. I want the toolbars (universal, Editing, Navigation, Adress & instant messing) to be displayed when the user starts the client.

    I have tried to modify the bookmark.ntf but it did not solve the problem. I cannot find the file theese settings are saved in.

  14. Even now, four years later in 8.5.2FP4 this STILL happens! It is driving me nuts. Has anyone ever complained to IBM Lotus about this? I am going to do so now.


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