Mighty mouse bluetooth connection problems… sometimes the solution is simple

I’ve a MacBook Pro with a wireless Mighty Mouse (Apple’s own mouse), and often I experience a loss of connection after having put my mouse asleep and wake her up again. What I did then, was reconnect by letting the bluetooth configurator scanning for the mouse.

Apple’s Mighty Mouse

The other day, I read somewhere on a forum that you can easily reconnect the mouse just by clicking the button a few times. Duh… how simple is that? I realized that I never really did this, I just moved the mouse around in circles without result…


  1. D’oh! That was the reason I went back to the wired mouse! I, too, just moved the mouse and never though to click it.

  2. :-) I’m glad I’m not the only one! The first time I noticed clicking just works, I banged my head with the mouse!


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