Do you want to move or copy files from this zone?

I have no idea what will happen next…

  1. “Yes” will move the files?
  2. “Yes” will randomly move or copy the files?
  3. “No” will copy the files?
  4. “No” will do the same as yes?
  5. “No” will stop the move/copy process?
  6. “No” will stop the operating system?

Or… is an operating system anno 2008 that advanced that it doesn’t recognize if I’m trying to move OR copy the files and can’t it adjust its message accordingly?

I have another one for you: “Do you like beer or do you prefer wine?” (Yes/No)


  1. If I say ‘yes’, will I get both? I assume you’re buying :)

  2. :-) Good idea! Maybe we need some more options here: “Do you want to move, copy, trash, buy, sell, change, edit, create, organize, transfer, zip, delay, archive or barbeque the files?” (Yes/No)

  3. Hey Martin,
    Finally there is a new post on ur site.. when do we get to see more tips and tricks and ur ideas?

  4. :-) Thanks for asking. Well… yesterday I posted a new version of Refresh Divine and a fix for Viewnify on OpenNTF. You can start by checking them out. There’s some stuff in my head and semi-developed, that I’d like to post soon, but finding the time to finish them is not easy…


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