I’m back! Back from ILUG and my website is up and running again!

I know the website was down for a (long) while, but since I wasn’t really posting any articles for a while, I didn’t really bother.

But thanks to the “community-feeling” present at ILUG, I started thinking about my website again… I may not be a top XPage developer, but there are still things out there that don’t use XPages (yet). And in my day-to-day job I still discover errors and have ideas that are also useful to others.
So this weekend I wanted my website up again, and after all it seemed just a WordPress plug-in that caused the troubles. Many thanks to the chat helpdesk of my provider one.com to assist me in this!


  1. Martin, glad to see you again at ILUG.
    Good of you to start blogging again. Don’t feel forced to blog. Just write when you have stuff to tell (even/particularly if it’s non-XPages).

  2. Me too, always a pleasure to meet you :-). I’m indeed planning to blog whenever feel I have something to say, not because I feel like I have to :-).

  3. Glad to have you back Martin! We’ve missed your posts!


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