Presenting ALT-255 or the never-breaking-space

Non-breaking space? Not so non-breaking in Notes Client…

I have a form in Notes with a computed passthru html table on it, and I really really would like to see the values in a certain column displayed on one line without wordwrap. Guess what: it’s not gonna happen, because Notes doesn’t care about width attributes or styles. It’s as if Notes thinks these are more like suggestions instead of rules.

column without alt-255

Oh, and what if I replace spaces by  ? This always works, right? Wrong! It doesn’t do anything, the lines are still wrapped… Ah, but what about  ? Nope. Some magic spell? Cursing? Nope.

The solution: ALT-255, Space’s almost identical twin

So I took my bag and went out on the World Wide Web to see if there’s something simular to the nbsp. I turns out that there’s the almost mythical character ALT-255, somewhere even called The Hidden Dragon. It looks, feels, tastes like a space, but it isn’t, it’s a space with real glue capabilities!

Just replace your spaces with ALT-255’s like this:

@ReplaceSubstring(YourValue;" ";@Char(255))

with the following result:

column with alt-255

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