iPad iOS 4.2.1 upgrade issue (1611 error) and how I solved it

Finally multitasking and app groups came to the iPad! Needless to say I was eager to do the upgrade… So I saw iTunes discovered the new version, suggests I should upgrade, the progress bar appears…

iPad progress bar

… appears to get stuck on 90%. No panic yet… just do it again, right? Now iTunes tells me the iPad needs recovery and then there’s an error stating recovery did not succeed. Ok, tried again, after reboot of iMac… same story.

Ah, internet! Let me take a look… hmm… lots of people with similar issues… Force recovery mode… Blam! Dead at 95%! Some people suggest you should keep waiting and this will eventually disappear, but I kept waiting a couple of times…

The solution that worked for me

Just when I thought I was left with an expensive mirror or that I would have to go to an Apple Service Center to make it “just work”, I read a post where somebody explained he reinstalled iTunes, then tried the recovery. Don’t ask me why (hell, maybe they don’t know why at Apple yet), but this did the trick.


  1. Does reinstalling iTunes get rid of my backups??

  2. You don’t have to remove the existing iTunes installation, just install a fresh download over it. So all your settings, backups,… are kept. Good luck!


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