Performance issues with many subforms on a form and how to solve them

After reworking an application in my Designer 8.5 I asked my collegue to test it in his Notes 6.5 client. To my surprise he couldn’t open any document, the only thing he saw was a white screen and an hour glass. Many trials, errors and crashes later, I found out that the older Notes versions have issues with too many subforms.

In my case, “too many” equals 11 subforms. After that, the form becomes from “terribly slow” to “unusable”. Because I didn’t want to lose the advantages of using subforms, I looked around for a solution. I found some answers in this (dutch) post.

It seems that, if you add some code to the subforms (f.e. add an Option Declare in the Global section of the subforms) the issues disappears. The article doesn’t really describe why, but effectively: once I added this to every subform, speed went back to normal!


  1. I’m new in programming in Lotus and I have a ‘problem’. I would appreciate if you would help me. : – )

    So, I create a button on a form ( called Form3 ), the button name is Click. All I want to do is when I click the button a subform will appear. I created the subform and I called it Subform3. I guess i have to code in the button’s method called: Click. Thanks !

  2. If I remember correctly, this issue should have been resolved, later in the 6.5 code stream. I also seem to remember, that there’s been a technote on this, but can’t find it anymore …

    Well, I was right about the technote (just found it), but wrong about when the issue was resolved: Not until 8.0.2!

  3. The solution for fixing this problem in early clients is adding a Options Declare on the Globals of each subform. All other “solutions” (adding some meaningless code to the INITIALIZE-section) also work, but they make debugging painful.


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