Session “Design Frameworks” on BLUG

Yesterday I spoke at BLUG for my very first time. I had the privilege to work together with Mark Myers, Matt White and Mark Leusink, 3 giants from the Domino world, so I consider myself lucky for this :-).

It was a great learning moment and quite some fun too, so thank you for that! Also, a big thank you  to Theo Heselmans for organising the event, that was once again a success!  

The session was Let your applications look good: use a design framework, and this is the abstract:

“As a developer you can’t get away anymore with an application that just works: your users expect it to look great too. Luckily there are many frameworks available to help you. In this session we will talk about some of the leading contenders such as Bootstrap, Kendo UI, jQuery Mobile, Blueprint, 960 grids, show some demos and then open up the floor to have a discussion… What are the pros and cons of every framework, how do you pick one, and why not just use the standard options that IBM offers?”BLUG2013_Frameworks

You can download the presentation here.


  1. Hi Martin,

    I couldn’t attend to your session due a conflict with another one; however, I heard it was one of the best at BLUG.
    I’m interesting in developing a responsive XPages application with Bootstrap and looking at your presentation it says you are building some controls. Is there any you can share a working example with some basic stuff to get started with this framework? I created a demo app with some basic functionality but at this point I’m trying find the best approach to display information in a responsive manner (maybe a repeat control with sorting and paging)

    Thanks in advance,


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