Show relational data in Domino Designer with Quantum DB Eclipse Plugin and jdbc drivers

Great! With XPages and the Extension Library we can connect to external databases easily! But what if you have connection problems? Or what if your queries are wrong? You want to be able to debug them, right?  So how do you test this?

The easiest way would be if  you could test right in Domino Designer.  Luckily enough, we’re in an Eclipse environment, so there are plugins available we can install.  And there happens to be the QuantumDB Eclipse Plugin that does exactly this.

Install the plugin

Installation is straight forward, not that different from other plugins:

  1. Choose File – Application – Install…
  2. Click Search for new features to install
  3. Press Add Remote Location:
    • Name: Quantum DB
    • URL:
  4. Press Finish
    QuantumDB Install
  5. Select all features (I’m not sure you need them all, but hey, it won’t hurt you :-))
  6. Finish
  7. Restart your Notes.

Use QuantumDB Eclipse Plugin

To make use of it, switch to the Quantum DB perspective: choose Window – Open Perspective – Other… and select Quantum DB.

QuantumDB Open Perspective

You now get a nice screen like this:

QuantumDB Perspective

Well… not exactly.  You first need to add your data source(s).  You can do this with the small little button in the top left corner to create a New Bookmark… 

QuantumDB New Bookmark

You then have to Add Driver to add jdbc drivers.  In my example, I added 2 jars for DB2: one is the actual driver, the other is for licensing.

QuantumDB Add Driver

The Class name I obtained by using the Browse… button. Finish returns you to the bookmark screen, and after a Next, you get the screen for username/password/server/… etc.  If you’re not sure what to enter here, talk to your database manager for assistances.  That’s it!

QuantumDB has some nice features, such as an export to Excel, so make sure you try it out!

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